About Me

Hi, I'm Missy!  I decided to start this blog as a way to document life - adventures in parenting, life changes, projects, recipes, fun tidbits from the outdoors and whatever else I decide to write down! 

Let me introduce you to the characters of my life:

Dave: fabulous husband since 9.1.2012

Theo: our daily entertainment since 7.23.2014

The Kalbradors: Abbey, stubborn since 10.24.2007 and Genesee, manic since 7.19.2009

Guest appearances by: chickens, ducks, fish, and various friends and family members.

Our story is currently set in beautiful Chestertown, Maryland.  We ended up here on the Eastern Shore in September of 2013 when I took a job as a Natural Lands Manager at a large, privately owned farm.  Dave is finishing his Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology at the University of Delaware (where we met in 2008).  This is our 5th house and 3rd state that we've lived in since we started dating - yikes!  All this moving has truly shown me that it's not a house that makes a home - it's the family you share it with.

Dave and I are outdoor enthusiasts who love producing as much of our own food as we can by hunting, fishing, gardening, and raising chickens and ducks.  We also try to do our part to preserve the environment as much as possible by cloth diapering, composting, and recycling.